April 24, 2014 6:03 pm 4:52 pm 4:43 pm

The whole atmosphere of our team is not right. I know academics are super important, but that isn’t the problem right now, it is just a lack of team spirit and importance.

4:21 pm

Hayden is pissed that none of the distance women showed up to practice today.

Come on guys. Megan and I are racing, so we don’t have practice. But I am so sick of this shit, and Hayden is obviously getting really fed up with it as well. Especially because there are NO class conflicts today because there isn’t class, and no one emailed him to say they weren’t coming.

3:06 pm

My damn heart rate is so high right now and all I’m doing is sitting down… I hate when this happens. Probably why I feel like I need to throw up.

2:35 pm 2:11 pm 2:10 pm

Really having the fuck school mentality at the moment, but it isn’t helping the anxiety go away. So I just keep eaten more puppy chow.¬†

2:08 pm

Regina: We can never know our past completely…

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2:08 pm

You feel things deeply, with or without your heart, you feel things with your whole soul.

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